Chatbot technology is going to gain more popularity in 2019. As chatbots become more popular and affordable, small businesses and online retailers have started using them. It’s ideal for personalizing messages and increasing engagements with customers. We can say that chatbots usage has now outgrown its hype phase. It’s starting to mature as an integral part of online customer service and marketing. There are many tech companies adopted chatbots in 2017 and 2018. So, its fairly visible that 2019 will be a superb year for chatbots with the trends briefed bellow-

1. It will become more human-like

Now gradually and eventually Chatbots are becoming more human- like. For example; for an e- commerce store, Chatbots can save them a lot of time by screening customer service issues to handle before they’re sent off to human staffers.

2. It will become more business oriented

It is estimated that in the next 5 years, approximately 80% of business communications with customers will be performed through bot messengers. This is why many online retailers have install voice-assistance and text-based chatbots for checking orders, making purchases, and delivering orders.

3. Will provide customer data and analysis in brief 

It will automatically collect the data, do the data analysis activities, and provide profound customer insights. Advanced chatbots are so intelligent that they can upgrade their own information through automated learning and provide answers to the problems.

4. Automated call centre

The next generation AI voice generator called NLO are server less technology used to automate call centres. These automated call centres have in-depth domain knowledge that can be utilized to serve customers 24/7/365 without any downtime.

5. Virtual assistance instead of apps

Chatbots can combine multiple apps into one automation of business tasks and customer servicing. In 2019, businesses and other organizations are likely to adopt more machine learning AI tools and algorithms that would simplify workflow and improve the bottom line.

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