Things you need to know about Chatbot

Chatbot is an innovative marketing tool that helps your current and potential customers to experience your services in better way, to purchase your products easily and mostly it has the stronger conversation abilities, so can connect with the customers easily. If you really doesn’t want your business to left behind, move fast with technology and introduce Chatbot to your business.

1. The demand for Chatbot is growing-

According to a survey of 1,000 US consumers conducted by Aspect half of the customers want interaction via text, chat or messaging. Millennials says texting was the most effective communication option when engaging with a company. If chatbots aren’t part of your plans now, they better be so soon!

2. Chatbots are established-

According to Aspect’s study sixty- nine percent of consumers said they interact with a virtual assistant or Chatbot at least once a month. And sixty-one percent of consumers believes that Chatbots are here to stay.

3. Peoples are happy with the Chatbots for solving their problems-

According to the survey of Hubspot people really doesn’t care for who or what they’re being helped by, what matters to them is quick and convenient solutions to their problems. Brands and businesses are using chatbots to answer queries, provide information, book appointments, and to solve problems. Chatbots are helping brands and businesses with various customer services.

4. Speed of responding to queries matters a lot-

Customers doesn’t at all care about the personality of Chatbot. They judge it with its speed of solving problems. Consumers do value its friendliness and ease of use, but its speed of responding to the queries of customers can’t be ignored. According to Aspect’s research speed is more important to consumers than having a successful interaction and even accuracy.

5. People will shop through Chatbot on Facebook-

Facebook is no longer just a place to keep in touch with friends. Now it’s also a place to buy things. In fact, a new model is taking shape – one where people don’t have to click on a link, leave Facebook to visit a traditional company website, add stuff to a shopping cart, and complete a purchase.

According to the HubSpot research 37 percent of people are open to the idea of buying items on the social network. And as more people are exposed to and adopt chatbots one can be sure that number will continue to grow.

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