It seems like chatbots (bots) are everywhere these days. And so chatbots (bots) are available for lead generation. But just to refresh, the term chatbot (bot) refers to anything Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed. And to communicate with humans in a way that mimics human conversation. Siri is chatbot (bot), sure, but so are most of those little windows we click that say, “What can I help you with today?”

Little did we know, we actually needed them a lot. In 2009, Jan Koum created WhatsApp, and a messaging revolution began. It started as an easy way to message your phone’s entire address book at once. But quickly took off as a way for friends to privately message each other. By 2014, the app boasted 450 million users with an additional million joining each day. Mobile messaging was often expensive and Skype was hard to use. So unintentionally at first, WhatsApp gave people around the world a way to catch up. Facebook rushed to follow suit, launching its own messaging app, Messenger in 2015.

Chatbots (bots) can make a huge difference for the lead generation

Every new marketing channel that opens represents a huge opportunity for you. The opportunities to exploit and leapfrog your competitors, enjoy incredibly low CPCs. And also experiment with different ways of reaching out and also connecting with your clients.

Think if a customer approaches a sales associate with a question about store hours, followed by an inquiry about whether or not the store has a particular product in stock. Ideally, the sales associate answers these questions politely and helps the customer to complete their purchase.

Now think again if those sales associates could answer questions from millions of customers at once. Store the data around those questions. Remember the customer’s product preferences, suggest related products they might also enjoy. And then compile information about the most common types of questions customers approached with. So that the brand might better prepare future marketing and sales strategies.

That’s the power of chatbots. They have the ability to not just answer questions. But to use data around the questions to move leads through the purchase funnel by creating scalable. And personalized one-to-one recommendations. You should definitely try chatbots  (bots) for lead generation for your business growth.

Where should you be using chatbots

Facebook messenger

Facebook is really the one messaging app where savvy marketers need to be. Lest they miss out on important conversations with highly qualified leads.

According to the SMSS blog. One of the best parts of utilizing Click to Message is the ability to ask leads qualifying questions. Even before the chat process begins. And throughout the entirety of the conversation. And after identifying qualified leads. AI chatbots provide ample opportunity for nurturing those leads. Offering ebooks, discount codes, or even a free trial are all excellent ways to move leads down the funnel. And finally, take a cue from Sephora. And design your chatbot to get customers in the store by making it easy to book appoints with the sales team.

Website/landing page

Websites and landing pages are including chatbots. And the move toward chatbots as a website standard makes sense. When customers click a link, they’re probably looking for information. And chatbots provide a deeper dive than text on a webpage.

While you may not be interested in forcing your customers to chat. The happy accident goes to show that chatbot lead generation works and chatty customers are generally happy customers. If you’re looking to add a chat feature to your website or even create a chatbot-centric landing page. Then remember one of the most important elements, according to de Vivo, is a plan.

Does it work?

Of course, the technology may not have quite caught up with the enthusiasm for Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots just yet. Who can forget Tay. Microsoft’s experiment meant to test AI chatbot capacity for learning by having a thinking chatbot mimic the speech patterns of a teenage girl? The technology quickly turned on its creators, releasing a series of violent, racist comments in a matter of hours, and forcing Microsoft to take Tay offline.

But most brands aren’t looking to create a fully-human sales rep in their chatbots. Instead, a fairly simple chatbot can provide 24-hour customer service. And use data from that customer service to generate and nurture qualified leads. So if you’re not feeling chatty just yet, you could soon be left behind.

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