Why Chatbots and Voicebots are in big trend?

We are entering the age of conversational interfaces, where we will interact with AI bots using chat and voice. The trends are changing so fast. And at times we definitely cannot afford to miss the new trends in the technology.

These two trends that have turned our thought process is leading us to the world of AI with voice or text-based BOTS. There are numerous reasons that have put voice bots and chatbots into trends. People always want intelligent and smart assistance. And they found this in voicebots and chatbots. Read below to know how Chatbot and Voice bots setting a trend in this era.

  • Bots are backed with intelligence based on data and the interaction is very simple either via text or voice.
  • Amazon Echo, Google Home, MS Cortana, and Apple Siri have become more of personal assistants than bots. And with increased learning and progress in data science, they are bound to grow in various spaces.
  • The ability of bots to be available 24 x 7 without any emotional quotient. And to scale at peak times makes them an excellent support resource for an enterprise environment.
  • AI thinks for us and delights us as they know more about us and makes life better both for service providers and service seekers.
  • The progress in the fundamental science via NLA and ML is widening the application areas via AI. Natural language processing (NLP) helps in the linguistic application. And machine learning assists with statistical power to perform clustering and classification.
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