According to predictions, in most consumer-based services, the implementation of AI chatbots will witness an increment. The developmental trends of 2019 suggest that the chatbots will be prepared to match human behavior and offer similar services. Customer services in a majority of firms and industries are supposed to be carried out by chatbots in a more efficient manner.

The most probable trends and reasons why chatbots are going to be the lead hero in all the businesses are-

They are going to be more Human-Like-

With the advancement of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in today’s world, chatbot services are becoming more human-like and impeccable. The secret is natural language programming or NLP. The NLP is a special sort of programming that allows the bot to respond in complete sentences that flow naturally. The NLP effectively makes customer service easier for everyone involved.

Chatbots would replace Apps-

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more common. Asking Google or Siri or whoever you use to find or open something for you is a lot easier than just going to the app and finding the information yourself. While the idea might seem a little farfetched right now, apps may start to become a thing of the past. For some people, apps have already phased out as chatbots become more reliable. So while the future of apps is uncertain, things are looking quite bleak for them.

Chatbots will be a quick problem solver-

If you need immediate clarifications for your queries you can achieve them via handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables such as smartwatches. Besides these, smart TVs are also emerging as one of the greatest integrations with voice assistants such as Apple’s SIR, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant besides handheld and wearable devices. Luckily, users, today don’t need to wait in lines or stay on hold on phone calls due to the integration of chatbots and virtual assistants with their devices of daily use.

More voice-based programs will be available-

Voice-based programs will become more widespread. Talking to the computer is simply easier to get the job done, whether you have both hands busy or not. Since these bots are talking back and sounding more human than ever, we’re definitely going to want more conversations as things progress. In marketing terms, this prediction gives an idea of what to invest in and what to stay away from. The future will be about voice-based and even video-based software.

Chatbots would provide better consumer analytics and insights-

AI technology is now being incorporated to provide accurate customer data, automatize data analysis and collection. In order to provide in-depth customer insight, we need a system that can perform an accurate analysis of a large amount of data without any scope for errors.

In the case of chatbots, we know what kind of future we’re heading into. The job for businesses after a certain point is to decide whether they want to take the next leap. For chatbots and AI, the future is coming one way or another. It is evident that the increment in the usage of chatbots is an inevitable phenomenon. In the next five years, most of the businesses are predicted to increase the use of chatbots.

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