What Your Business Need? Chatbot or Mobile App

Chatbots have become the face of AI technology and changing the way mobile applications are built and used. Ever since chatbots came onboard, a lot has changed in the mobile app development industry. With the growing market for chatbots, virtual assistants are continuously improving. They become more reliable and human, so more people are turning to them.

Here, we will examine the concept of chatbot. Chatbot difference with mobile apps. And how it is transforming mobile app development and usage.

Bots are simpler and faster than Apps-

One of the best thing about the bots are, you don’t have to download anything. ‘Installing’ a bot is simple — all you need is find a bot and start chatting. Bots do not need much of the precious smartphone memory. Furthermore, unlike web pages that usually take a few seconds to load, bots load instantly. Mobile applications need to be downloaded and occupy their space. This is where chatbots have advantages over mobile apps.

With a bot, a user doesn’t have to leave the messenger platform. Bots work fast and help users save time. In the 21st century, it is very much appreciated.

Bots are more Human-like-

Bots are able to respond to requests in human language. In other words, it is like talking to another human being. Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) technology. NLP enables understanding of the context. NLP-powered chatbots use the understanding of a sentence structure, idioms, and recognition techniques. In short, NLP-enabled virtual assistants understand what users really need and act upon this knowledge. Whereas for mobile apps, users have to navigate through a number of menu options to find the one needed. When using a particular app for the first time, users may face some difficulties with navigation too. Instead of making users do the “digging” job, chatbots take away users’ confusion with simple communication with them. This technique is most helpful in personal banking. When there are numerous transactions for a long period of time. And a user may need detailed information about some of them.

Users are now tired of using Apps-

There are so many apps out there for every brand, every task and every occasion. Over the last decade, millions of new games, as well as shopping, social media, and many other types of apps, have appeared. Apps need to be downloaded and they also take smartphone memory. In addition, they need updates and so on and so forth. It seems that users are getting tired of the apps. Here’s the chatbot for those who are tired of apps, which replace several mobile applications.

Bots are Cheaper-

For companies, the bots cost less. Building a good mobile app takes time, money and effort. Besides, with a considerable number of apps available, there is no guarantee that the app investment will pay off. With bots, the development is much easier as the messaging app is already there. As bots are basically server-side apps with a simple user interface, they are simpler and faster to develop in comparison with mobile applications. Over the last few years, IBM, Microsoft, and many vendors have represented advanced chatbot development platforms that allow developing virtual assistants at a relatively low cost.

Furthermore, they enable developers to create sophisticated bots powered with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and speech recognition.

It believed that the simplicity, affordability, availability, human-alike communication capabilities, and artificial intelligence will allow chatbots to compete with numerous mobile apps as well as replace them in some cases and very soon.

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