Blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. Originally devised for the digital currency, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology. And now blockchain has become one of those emerging new technologies that is slowly but surely taking over the world. It’s happening much like the internet, in that, it started in niche communities before it ended up completely dominating the current world economy. As it stands, there are a lot of changes that can be expected in the future.

Blockchain in the field of AI:

Both blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the cutting edge of technological innovation, yet the enormous potential of their intersection is only just being realised. AI is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives, being used in agriculture, the medical industry, manufacturing, transport and nearly every context imaginable.

In spite of the vast benefits the technology may bring, there are a number of known risks, concerns, and limitations that are holding back AI from the mass application. When the likes of cars, airplanes, weapons systems, and medical devices are controlled by AI, the potential for catastrophic error or loss of human life is a valid risk. Furthermore, the very ‘intelligence’ and security of AI is entirely dependent on the system’s ability to access quality data. With this in mind, the trustworthiness and security of blockchains infinitely increase the effectiveness of AI as it is granted more accurate data, models and actions.

This increases artificial trust as bots communicate using shared, secure access to data- helping them make decisions cooperatively and reaching consensus faster.

Smart contract technology can be used to ensure AI can only perform certain actions, significantly decreasing the likelihood of catastrophe.

AI Doctor, a protocol that proactively monitors, diagnoses and predicts a patient’s condition based on blockchain data. The effectiveness of the AI doctor is entirely enabled by its access to highly accurate, unalterable medical data recorded in real-time on a tamper-proof blockchain.

For the first time, patients will have unlimited access to their own highly effective, personalised digital doctor. This is but one example of how this intersection of technologies will revolutionise human existence.

While the convergence of AI and blockchain is largely uncharted territory, the technologies can be used to augment each other infinitely, mutually increasing accuracy, trust, efficiency, accessibility, and transparency. Through blockchain, AI will become a trustworthy and valued tool that enhances human life.

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