Top Programming Languages For Artificial Intelligence- 2019

Today, Every big company and small company working on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Basically, AI aims for making the computers which can think intelligently and in a similar manner the humans think. If you are an AI aspirant then it’s a must for you to know the latest and top programming languages of 2019 to learn. Here we have mentioned the top programming languages you should know for working on your next big project-


Due to its simplicity, Python is considered to be in the first place in the list of all AI development languages. It has become one of the fastest growing programming languages because of adaptability, scalability, and ease of learning. It takes short development time in comparison to other languages like Java, C++ or Ruby. Python has hundreds of libraries. This feature makes any type of project possible with Python. Whether it is a mobile app, web app, data science or artificial intelligence all possible for Python. Python is focused on DRY (don’t repeat yourself) and RAD (rapid application development).


Lisp is one of the oldest and prominent languages developed in 1958. It was invented by John McCarthy. He is also known as the father of Artificial Intelligence. Lisp is well known for the support for its symbolic expression and computing. And therefore it is used for developing Artificial Intelligence software. It is also known for its excellent prototyping capabilities and easy dynamic creation of new objects, with automatic garbage collection. Lisp can produce efficient code as it consists of a macro system and a well-developed compiler. There are thousands of AI applications developed in Lisp.


Prolog is a declarative language with formal logic. And well suited for problems involving structured objects and relations between them and also for projects like voice control systems and filling templates. It has a flexible and powerful framework that is widely used for natural language processing, theorem proving, non-numerical programming, and AI in general. It does support the development of graphical user interface, administrative and network applications. Prolog is widely used for working on medical projects. Prolog’s wide range of features provide a surprisingly powerful and flexible programming framework.


The best thing about Java is that it supports all platforms. As it has Java Virtual Machine technology that enables to create a single app version, which will run on all Java-supported platforms. The major advantage of Java is its versatility. There’s a wide range of advantages one can find of programming AI in Java i.e, well-supported large scale projects, debugging ease, better user interaction, facilitated visualization and incorporation of Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit.

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