Ever since the dawn of civilization, language has been a convenient way to produce and transfer information. A lot more can be conveyed by altering the tone, word preferences and pitch of the voice. This is the reason why voice bots are preferred to chatbots. It is inevitable that voice bots will dominate the world by replacing chatbots. Voice bots are a product of massively growing new interactive software medium, which is the result of rapidly transforming IT and economical cloud computing technology. The recent release of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod indicates the revolution of Voice bots have just begun. On 7th March 2018, Voicebot Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report was released that pointed out that 20% of the US adults already own a smart speaker.

We see Amazon and Google offering voice assistant devices for less than 50 USD. Voice bots are already making our lives easier by performing tasks such as setting up reminders, meetings, alarms or providing news and notifications. Soon enough, with the progression of technology, voice bots shall be capable of performing much more complex tasks. Voice bots shall be every man’s subordinate, or perhaps – a Genie, who shall perform the tasks based on our commands.

Until recently, voice bots were a component of luxury that was available on iPhones and other expensive smartphones. However, with the inclusion of voice bots in smart devices such as smart speakers, smart TVs, smart watches etc. suggest that the future of voice bots is highly prosperous. There is no doubt that voice bots shall dominate chatbots, because of the power of aural medium over text medium to convey messages effectively. A voice creates a sense of ‘personality’ and thus, voice bots have the ability to influence humans to make decisions. The customer support industry will be completely overtaken by voice bots.

With the technology giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft competing to dominate smart technology market, we will see the voice bots everywhere in the near future. Soon enough, all the brands, websites and products will “speak for itself” – thanks to voice bots.

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