Which type of voicebot should your business have?

We have accepted the fact and understand how technology has taken a quantum leap. And run its marvelous sweep through almost everything. One of the transformative products of technology in enterprise businesses is voice-bot. Voice Bots has become very common these days. They provide a simple mechanism to interact with customers without the need for Support Agents. And it also suits the modern consumer’s lifestyle extremely well. AI component of bots helps in recommendations and making decisions for you. Built on NLP and ML, bots are based on the human ability to learn and absorb information. Many things in online business are already shaken by the upcoming ripple of voice chat. Smart market analysts have already come to realize that by 2020 the way we search kinds of stuff online will be predominantly ruled by voice assistant solutions.

So, it’s very clear that you can’t afford to keep your business from not moving along with the latest technologies. Making your services available on these platforms is a sure-fire way for you to reach a bracket of customers. It will also help you in keeping your customers happy who wish to get things done as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We can say nearly 40-50% of searches are voice-driven now. And no doubt the numbers will surely increase soon. As, we do see the emerging success of Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Here will let you understand which type of voice-bot your business needs. Voice bots are basically of two types-

  1. Voice + Text Bot – Hybrid Voice + Chat Support Model
  2. Voice Only Bot – Voice-Controlled Device

Voice + Text Bot (Hybrid Voice + Chat Support Model):

Your user wouldn’t have access to their Alexa device while traveling and would need to use their to complete a task. Also, if your bot is expected to communicate a lot of information to a user, like a menu from multiple restaurants or a long list which is information-heavy, then you should leverage the visual interface of voice + text bots. The Echo Spot is evidence that a screen can be leveraged to enhance user experience.

Voice Only Bot – (Voice Controlled Device):

If you’re looking to add another channel through which you can do business then a Google Home command or an Alexa skill is the right step for you. It most definitely helps to have a large user-base. Uber, Zomato, and Dominos are some companies who have seen great success with their Alexa Skills and Google Home commands because discoverability wasn’t a problem for them.

Conversational interfaces have been around for a while now, and voice bots are a great way for businesses to use automation and connect with the world at a human level.

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