It’s very much clear to us now that Chatbots are the future of recruiting technology.

Pioneers in modern recruiting are startups who realized that companies can’t rely on old fashioned ways of hiring, especially if they want to keep up in this fast-paced world. The industry today needs more flexible methods for screening and hiring new candidates. They will be context-dependent and will take into account the individual traits of each candidate. The rise of AI and human-machine interaction has provided us with a solution. Which means the recruitment industry has not been left out of this technological boom. Chatbots appearing to be part of the future of recruitment.

Some claims that chatbots can’t replace a recruiter when it comes to interviewing candidates, there is also an advantage in the human-machine dialog. Chatbots are designed to take over the repetitive tasks and leave the recruiter with the qualified candidates. Ultimately recruitment is a human-led industry and the need to deal with a real person at some point in the cycle is not going anywhere. The advanced chatbot will talk and engage with candidates and applicants through a simple messaging app. It’s able to record data and will also answer questions posed by the candidates. A chatbot can also perform an initial screening of candidates, by asking them about their previous experience. A recruiter using this chatbot will be able to qualify a large number of candidates without doing any extra work.

By integrating an HR chatbot with an employer website, it’s possible to attract more interested candidates by engaging them in a conversation. Providing a great experience to the candidates is absolutely vital and is one of the biggest trends now. Chatbots can make this process almost instantaneous for the candidates, pushing them along the hiring cycle quicker, making both the candidate and client happy. A quick turnaround when finding a job, and a high volume of qualified candidates to interview is a positive result for both parties. Applying AI chatbot technology within recruitment makes it possible to reduce human bias in the screening process. Chatbots also streamline hiring processes. Chatbots can ask a variety of questions about a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience. This helps to qualify and rank a whole group of candidates against the criteria from the employer, meaning the recruiter has access to the most qualified people for a brief. Chatbots help to eliminate the routine part of the HR job. They also make the hiring process more engaging and less stressful for the candidates.

In the near future, we can expect to see more advanced chatbots appear in the market and more companies adopting this technology. But of course, before you invest in chatbots you have to mark a few things like, If you invest in a Chatbot which doesn’t work with the way you operate, it’ll create more work for you. To avoid this, you should choose one which integrates with your calendar/candidate management system as this will save you time on admin tasks.

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