As we enter to playfield of the new era of the advance and super technology, chatbots are one of the newest trends that are immortal for coming years. You can find chatbots everywhere now — from industry-specific like educational, finance, health care, travel & transport to event planners, IT & Software companies, real estate, food & restaurants, hospitals, saloon, and freelancers. Now the everyday task is automated to streamline workflows as per the consideration of the rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Chatbot has already taken over the customer support section. This section now completely operated, answered and monitored by chatbots.

Let’s see what potential benefits we can expect to harvest from this undying trend of chatbot.

The role of chatbots in a system of products, beyond the sales pitch. It makes the interaction more fun, informal, faster, more human and cleaner than the usual chaotic corporate apps as well. Chatbots as the future over conventional apps because of chatbots’ ease and speed of use. There is no new app to download, no new account to create, and, perhaps most importantly, no new user-interface to learn. With chatbot, the interactions are new and different from a regular chat. Apart from that chatbots do not only offer a new space for visionary businesses but also opened the door for the same mindsets that created messy apps, ads, and services. As you can find many creators and designers of chatbot in many companies doing a good job by adding fabulous features in chatbots.

The core value of chatbots must be defined on its own, in connection to other services and beyond the simplistic view of just drawing people in. There are good chatbots out there, but most of them are driven by independent teams trying to deliver existing or new services in a truly new fashion.

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