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We understand the as a Business it is very important to ensure that the investments made in the IT operations of the company give you a maximum ROI in the growth of the company in terms of Revenue, Increasing Customer Satisfaction, responding to the market needs quickly to outcompete the competition and get a maximum share of the market.

We as a Cloud focussed company help you to assess the business objectives of our customers with a careful analysis of the present IT Strategy and operations and create a roadmap to meet the Business goals and objectives using the cloud strategy.

By conducting series of workshops with stakeholders and by using the right templates our solution architects will come out with a complete future state definition, including Cloud architecture, tools and technologies, processes, total cost of ownership and the managed services requirements.

Nexivo’s Cloud Adoption framework will equip you to put a detailed plan for your Road Map. Cloud Strategy & Road Map framework dictates a consulting approach towards identifying current state of your applications, infrastructure tools, methods and organization readiness.  We provide the following services.

Cloud Services Offerings

Adoption Strategy
Migration Services
Managed Services
App Development

Brief overview of Nexivo's Cloud Offering

We make a clear roadmap of the relevant steps for your cloud journey while ensuring that the existing IT operations are not effected and prepare a Transition plan involving all Stake holders to ensure cloud adoption is a seamless process.

Nexivo’s Cloud consultants interact with your stake holders within your organization while designing a Cloud Adoption Strategy. We combine our experience, the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, and Cloud best practices to ensure you have a holistic approach and roadmap to cloud adoption

AWS is as complex as it is powerful. The AWS platform has more that 70 services which are being used by the companies in their IT operations. It is very essential that these services are monitored 24X7 with Intelligent Monitoring Tools in a real-time manner to ensure every incident is managed safely without impacting the Business Operations.

This requires niche expertise and a whole lot of time to ensure that the Business Applications are available 24X7. We have a team of Niche experts who handle these operations for our customers

Nexivo’s Managed Services Support eliminates the mundane cloud complexities so that your business can focus on results.

Nexivo’s Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects, will help you with migrating your applications from on premise or co-location infrastructure to Cloud. We help you with migrating large sets of data in the fastest possible way. Our engineers will make changes to the application to ensure it responds well to auto-scaling and is Fault Tolerant.

We follow security best practices while migrating your applications to AWS, creating multiple layers of security to block any unauthorised access.

Our Cloud Architects have expertise in designing architecture on AWS to ensure that the applications run on a high performance and highly scalable and secure architectures using the latest AWS services while keeping the costs low. We work hard to ensure that the overall Cloud operations costs are highly optimised to give you better ROIs. We always strive to ensure there is no idle resource on the AWS platform, which would contribute to increase the Cloud Opex costs.

Our cloud engineers and solutions architects are available to advise on how to best architect your specific business applications to achieve the benefits of elasticity, scalability, and cost savings with moving to the cloud while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data

Software Applications and Product form the core of any business. A well designed and developed product can help your business succeed.

Traditionally, custom enterprise-grade application development has been severely limited due to the costs and complications associated with traditional software.

Today, however, the landscape of custom application development is radically changing. The recent advancements in cloud computing services has significantly dropped the costs of developing custom applications and has enabled companies to explore a wider range of software to develop their applications.

No business would like to see downtimes and disruptions in their Business Operations which may impact revenues and growth. To ensure Organisation’s readiness for a disaster, our experts identify the Risks and prepare a Risk Mitigation plan for continuous Cloud operations which will be a part of the Business Continuity Planning exercise

We understand this and Nexivo’s architects have experience to ensure that the cloud applications are architected for resiliency and business continuity in case of disaster.

Every Business needs to ensure that the business operations are carried out meeting the internal and external compliance requirements. Specially for a business, where the business operations are driven by applications deployed on the cloud using multiple services and IT systems, there needs to a central mechanism to monitor these and report incidents in real-time as and when they happen.

Full audit of operations are required to ensure the most stringent security and compliance regulations are met, as per the mandated industry compliance.

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