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About the Organisation

Designer’s Lounge was formed in the year 2013 with an objective to emerge as the leading Interior Designer Firm and create a strong presence. Designer’s Lounge believes in the value system of trust, innovation, responsibility, winning spirit and most importantly transparent communication.


Website Development

  • The website has to be in such a way that would look clean and modern web design that would attract new clients and provide inspiration for existing clients as well.
  • The website has to be full of images that shouldn’t take forever to load.
  • An easy to use contact form, so that as many potential customers prefer to inquire about design services online.
  • Website has to be easy to maintain and edit or modified.
  • The website also has to be very flexible and easy to update images as design trends change.
  • Very well defined and elaborated services page.
  • Responsive web design that should allow the site to be viewed from any device.


  • Beautifull website with style that featured clean and a modern look.
    Great site that looks fantastic on any device.
  • By dividing the website into several pages, we have showcased the different parts of their services.
  • With a clear contact page and simple contact form, potential customers can easily get in touch.
  • They are also able to update the site whenever they need to.
  • The fluid design of the site also meant their customers don’t have to wait forever for pages to load.
  • With a great hosting package, they have a website that can bring new clients to their services in a very cost effective way.
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