IB groupA 3,000Cr worth leading poultry and integration company in India


About the Organisation

IB Group is a growing conglomerate headquartered at Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. Within a relatively short span of 25 years, IB Group has diversified itself into a well integrated business unit that produces poultry, dairy, oil, animal feed and specialised pet food.


Laziz is one of the largest vertical poultry integration of India by IB Group. Which has fully-owned assets & infrastructure updated with the latest technology to optimize performance and produce world-class quality protein for the customers.

About the Products

Asset Management Application For Laziz

We’ve developed the Grim application (Asset Management Application) for Laziz which is used to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle. And apart from this, it does provide the following additional functions-

  • It records and track an asset from procurement to disposal.

  • It provides an organization with information like where certain assets are located, who is using them, how they are being utilized and details about the asset.

  • Measures vendor performance.

  • Optimization of supplier portfolio.

  • Streamlining of procurement processes.

  • Maximize utilization and value of assets.

  • Enable informed decision-making through cost transparency.

  • Track vendors and suppliers.

  • Track vendor and supplier performance through transparent metrics

  • Optimized allocation of assets for greater return on investment.

  • The application is faster, more attractive and user-friendly.

  • It’s well scalable and testable application.

  • Have well-defined interfaces and operations.

  • Excellent work order management functionality.

  • Users can easily enter assets into the database and track all asset performance in real time.

  • Users can set up preventive maintenance schedules to keep assets in top shape before they become suspect to damage.

  • Manage services as well as assets.

Advantages Laziz is getting from its Grim Application-

  • They can manage easily the services and assets.

  • Able to track the vendors easily.

  • Track all asset performance in real time.

  • Can easily gather details about the assets.

  • Easily find out the location of certain assets.

Laziz Android/iOS App-

We have developed Laziz Android/iOS Application with a team of skilled and creative designers and coders who put in all they have to provide clients with exactly what they want, earning their satisfaction and trust.

The Laziz Android/iOS App contains the following features-

User sign in / register with zero trouble.

Splash screen with brand logo.

Special active and attractive offers highlighted on the banners.

Mobile number authentication with SMS.

Showing the trending products and its reviews on the main screen.

Users/customers can easily check some recipes of chicken dishes.

Users/customers can select items from menus and can add them into the cart with quantity and other preference data.

After selecting items and quantity users can place their final order with Cash on Delivery option. And track the delivery timing details.

At the end, the user can give reviews and ratings of the item.

Users can edit their profiles and also check their recent order list to reorder those by just 2, 3 clicks.

How is Laziz Android/iOS App increasing its business?

  • The Laziz App has become one of the best ways to increase their business sales. Through the app the customers are easily able to order without any hassle.

  • Getting more users/customers as anyone can install it in their mobile easily.

  • Exciting discounts and offers attracts the users/customers.

Laziz Messenger Chatbot-

  • The Chatbot is always beneficial for the business and convenient for the customers/user to get the services without any hassel. Here we have added some fantastic features to the Laziz Chatbot which increases the business sales-

  • It accepts the orders from the customers and makes sure that the order reaches them on time.

  • It shows the options for all kinds of raw chicken items, i.e lollipop, breast, boneless etc. User/customers can choose among with the preferred quantities.

  • Chatbot has the cart functionality where a users/customers can edit, delete, add more items to the cart.

  • The Chatbot directly take orders from the users/customers.

  • The users/customers need not to register or login

  • At the end before proceeding for the checkout it has OTP verification, whether to check the customer really wants to order or not.

How Chatbot generating business to Laziz?

  • It speeds up the business.

  • It increased the orders.

  • Can easily research the customers.

  • personalized delivery Chatbot will reduce costs for phone calls, customer support staff and advertising.

  • As Chatbot can easily available 24/7. Customers/users can place orders at night as well.

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