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About the Organisation

Savika is a comprehensive pregnancy app that handholds a woman throughout her journey towards motherhood. This app is introduced by Psynapce India Pvt Ltd, a meditech startup committed to the goal of a healthier tomorrow.

About the product

Savika brings the insightful articles and tips about pregnancy do’s and don’ts complications, staying healthy and traditions and beliefs around pregnancy across cultures. Savika also lets you track your health parameters and milestones, capture memories, organize your day and connect with other expectant mothers.


Android and IOS App Development

  • Attractive splash screens with on boarding screens displayed that shows the main features of the app.
  • Sign Up and Sign in features with phone number verification through submitting OTP. User can also sign up with Facebook.
  • Dashboard with reminders and notifications which can switch on or off.
  • Send email, SMS and push notifications, trigger workflows, and approve requests with finger swipes.
  • User can easily update or edit profile.
  • User can contact the Savika help desk through Facebook, email and phone number.
  • App can be easily shared to others, rate it in Play store, share the feedback.
  • A detailed FAQ would be helpful for the users to get the answers of their queries.
  • A health tracking feature keeps on updating users’ health records based on their shared health details(Weight, BP, Sugar, etc)
  • The health records can be observed with graphical representation.
  • Usefull articles are automatically posted daily which can be shareable and categorized.
  • Calender feature updates the user for the due date of delivery. User can add the reminder as well for future.
  • Integrated with popular social networks, SMS, Email, Community database, AWS RDS, AWS S3.
  • Adoptable features with easy to understand and use capabilities.

FB Marketing Campaign

Savika is one the best pregnancy app that handholds a woman throughout her journey towards motherhood. It guid, assist and help a to be mother in her daily diet and routine by giving insightful articles and tips, tracks her health condition and many more. Savika is a virtual helping hand that every women who is going to be a mother should have.

We have build the buzz arround to aware people about the amazing pregnancy app called Savika. The attractive graphics and to be point contents made to generate hundreds of likes, followers, shares and comments; all of which helps to build hype, expand the social reach of Savika and numerous of app installations.

FB App install Campaign

Facebook has become one of the weapon of choices for Savika to acquire new and high quality users.

Our Facebook campaign experts analysed the app and set up the campaign options, generated high-converting app install ads creative, text and audiences, multivariate testing methods were used to compile statistical data to identify the best-performing, most profitable ads and audiences, utilised a custom audience which we built with the help of user data from the Savika app. As a result of our activities the Nexivo’s App install campaign for Savika has achieved- higher conversion rates, higher click-through-rate and negative cost per install compared to last existing campaign.

Chat Bot Development

We know very well no customer service rep would like to answer the same question a hundred times a day, no sales rep wants to talk to people who aren’t going to buy the product. And if you’re leading an organization, you can’t afford to keep on concentrating only either of these scenarios.

Chatbots which are also the virtual assistant for your business can provide a solution to both of these problems.

We have developed chat bot for Savika to help visitors find what they needed without having to call or email customer service. It is designed to function like Savika’s best customer service representative,” and with hundreds of answered questions over the period of time, it’s hard to argue that the bot isn’t their best customer service rep. The chat bot has increased the rate of ROI, increased the no. of happy customers/users, saved lot more customer service expenses and also estimated good revenue comes from chat bot.

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