TS-RTAGovernment of Telangana State Transport Department


About The Organisation-

The major functions of the Transport Department of Telangana state government are the Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, Collection of taxes and fees and issuance of Driving Licences and Certificate of Fitness to Transport Vehicles; Registration of Motor Vehicles and granting regular and temporary permits to vehicles. The department also carries out road safety work by conducting awareness campaigns, pollution check of vehicles and enforce measures such as booking speeding vehicles through laser guns and interceptor vehicles and detect drunken drivers through breath analysers.

About the Product-

TS-RTA Chatbot for Assistance-

  • ‌The Chatbot showcases all the services of License, Registrations, Jurisdiction, and Grievances.

  • ‌User can book driving slots for learners/permanent license.

  • ‌Users can find the links for the procedures, documentations and PDFs.

  • ‌User can book vehicle registration slots.

  • ‌Easily tracking for registrations/license status.

  • ‌User can find area based jurisdiction.

  • ‌Email Confirmation will be automatically sent to RTA.


Benefits of Chatbot for TS-RTA and users/customers-

  • ‌Enhance social presence and wide reach to the customers.
    ‌Bot will act as the first point of contact for various user queries.

  • ‌Offers better & fast services to the users.

  • ‌Scaling up the operations.

  • ‌Better user experience.

  • ‌Its flexibility handles kinds of user queries.

  • ‌Chatbot maintains a Human like conversational Natural Language, which makes users more responsive.

  • ‌Users can expect 24×7 assistance.
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